Hip Replacement May 28 2018

In 2016 I started to notice some audible sounds in my left hip when I would move from pyramid pose to half moon ( internal to external rotation ). After having some X-rays done, my Doctor said that a hip replacement would definitely be in my future! The next couple years I focussed on improving my forward folds and backbends, in preparation for my new hip.

The initial date for surgery was April 23rd.... Which was perfect as I would be ready to go for my Tofino Retreat! Then the date was postponed to May 28th, which I thought would make Tofino a lot less fun. I knew I didn't have to cancel it as I am really the guide for the weekend, but I love to participate in everything with the crew! Knowing that it doesn't help to freak out about things you cannot change, I switched my focus to doing my best to heal as positively as possible.

The surgery had the femur bar and screws removed from my femur break in 1997, as well as a total hip replacement THR. Dr. Kostamo was very happy with the result and I was ready to heal. They make you stand up right after the surgery to avoid blood clots, which was pretty amazing. The next day I was walking with a walker, doing a few stairs, and was sent home.

The first week home I went from 2 wheel walker, to crutches, to a cane. The following week I was driving and getting around quite well. I could also sleep on both side at week 2, which made my life much better, as I can't sleep on my back very well. I managed to get off the opiates after day 3 ( I hate opiates!!! ) and switch to CBD oil with some THC oil to help activate the healing of the CBD. I would take 7 drops CBD / 3 drops THC.... 3 to 4 times a day. The combo was amazing for pain relief and keeping me relaxed so I could simply put the time in to heal. I was also taking spirulina, magnesium, circummin, vitamin C, vitamin k, aloe, and Univera Extra.

Week 3 began physio at Mary Pack Arthritis Institute. Heather was my therapist and I went there twice a week for an hour of Aqua therapy and an hour of machine / exercise therapy. It was a game changer for giving me techniques I could take home to speed up the healing process! The next couple weeks went by quickly, as I could do tons of dog walking with the cane, and lots of physio!

Week 6 I went to Tofino to heal by the Ocean and do my work at Bella Pacifica Campground. I would lay my mat on the beach, and do my physio exercises, then chill with my dog , my RAV drum, and rest. I left there not needing my cane anymore, and stoked to get back to teaching!!

Week 7 I went back to teaching full-time. Being with my students again was very rewarding. I was able to join in with some of the yin poses right away. That builds confidence and really sets you up mentally to move forward. Week 8 ended my physio at Mary Pack..... A month early.

Week 9 I was back to sitting on my heels, shins down, and my hands were flat on the floor in Uttanasana...... Stoked. I did my first modified Ashtanga class with Geoff Mackenzie and joined my class in a modified Rocket to finish off the week!

So initially with the surgery being delayed, I was expecting to be less active in Tofino. There is a lot of trauma that is created in the hip region, as they have to dislocate the hip first to replace it..... Which traumatizes all the muscles and tendons around the hip! But my yoga practice has really benefitted in the preparation and recovery..... Physically and mentally. 

I have learned a lot more about my psoas muscle, transverse abdominals, and gluteus medium thanks to Heather my physiotherapist. These are invaluable lessons I can pass on to my students. This knowledge has allowed me to apply it to my recovery and catch up on the 5 weeks that I was delayed.

I know I still have a ton of healing to do. The inflammation will slowly be leaving my hip, allowing a complete new range of motion. But I have to be patient, not push, and positively put my time in!!!!

It looks like I will be surfing in Tofino after all....... Stoked...... Thx YOGA and thanks and LOVE to everyone's kind words, gifts, and special messages!!! <3

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