RAD Yoga Surf Retreats 2018

I've been hosting these retreats since 2009. RAD ( Risto Alan Duggan ) is my brand that I added at the beginning of 2017 and Risto is from my given name Christopher. I met Risto Scott in Whistler in the 90's. I asked him where his name came from, and when he said Christopher..... My mind said, "that's the name I've been looking for for years!" I've always had nicknames as I wasn't a fan of the name Chris and my initials "CAD" stands for "thief".... Not so good. RAD fit so much better. 

Fine tuning these RAD Yoga Surf retreats over the years, has been a really exciting learning experience. I have done a dozen of them now, and have picked up some really valuable knowledge through trial and error. Yoga and surfing complement each other so well. Your paddling position is "cobra", your "pop" comes from "up dog", and your surfing position resembles "warrior 2". These retreats welcome brand new surfers, as well as seasoned surfers. Beginners stay on the inside white water, where as experienced surfers will spend their time past the break on what we call the "green wave".

Yoga at these events: I serve up what I love, and what has worked best to keep my body healthy and strong!! The mornings start with Rocket Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga. These set sequences take care of the whole body, challenge you, build strength and most of all heal. They also create a deep connection to the healing powers of your breath! Acro Yoga has been added recently because of it's connection to "base" and "flyer"..... Really bringing people together to work as one. Yin Yoga is just the perfect way to wind down after a physical day, and get you ready to really enjoy the next one!

Tofino's meals are locally sourced seasonally inspired vegetarian feasts by @homegrownlivingfoods. Nicaragua's meals are locally sourced, freshly picked feasts that range from vegan to paleo. The coffee in Nicaragua is incredible and the fruit grown on site is absolutely mouth watering. Tofino accommodations are at the Ecolodge in the Tofino Botanical Gardens. Ranging from suites, to 2 twin beds, to 1 Queen, and one bunk room that sleeps 4. Nicaragua has private beach bungalows with breathtaking views of the ocean that sleep 1 - 4 people depending on the purchase price. BOOKING TOFINO ristoduggan@gmail.com NICARAGUA www.sathiretreats.com

Practice, Breathe, & Surf Tofino #9 should be EPIC!! Last year was unbelievable, as I added Acro Yoga with Erin Jacob & Jim Heppner @centeredwithinyoga , and musicians Natania Creatress & Adam McCoy to the evening Yin classes.

Practice, Breathe, & Surf Nicaragua #3 will be adding Acro Yoga with Erin & Jim this year as well!!

I love to keep these retreats action packed, focussing on healthy fun group activities, so we can build relationships that last well beyond these events.

Tofino starts at 8:00am for Breakfast, with a Rocket class at 9:30, followed by an incredible lunch! Then we head off to Long Beach for an afternoon of Surfing and playing in the waves!! Returning to the Lodge for a mouth watering Dinner, followed by an Acro class & Yin practice. Winding down around a campfire to discus the day...... EPIC!!

If this sounds like your JAM, grab your spot by contacting me at: ristoduggan@gmail.com $900 Single $1600 Couple/ 2 Friends 

Nicaragua starts a little earlier to beat the heat! Morning fresh local fruit and nuclear awesome coffee will kick start your day., followed by a Rocket class at 7:00. Breakfast follows.... Which is amazing! Then we have a few hours to surf, hike, or chill in a hammock. Lunch follows and then we have time for another surf!! We meet at the Yoga Shala again for Acro Yoga followed by Yin Yoga. The Dinner bell will ring for our evening meal. Case Ola contains the evening cocktails, and a sweet place to wind down and share the days events. Costa Dulce offers optional excursions, surf lessons, and relaxing massages.

Costa Dulce is a SAFE PLACE in Nicaragua. We will be flying into Liberia to avoid the political unrest in Managua. If you would love to join us this year for this special event, please contact Tessa at: www.sathiretreats.com

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