A Week Of Healing...... Nicaragua 2018

Getting really close to another incredible week at the Costa Dulce Resort in Nicaragua! This year Erin Jacob and Jim Heppner are joining me to add another dimension to our November 10-17 RAD Yoga Surf Retreat.

Erin is a Therapeutic Yoga Master and her positive energy packed partner Jim, will be joining her for our daily Acro Yoga / Yin yoga.... With a Therapeutic healing focus. They have joined me for the last two Tofino retreats as well. Erin and Jim always go out of their way to help the patrons!

We plan on focussing our classes around the areas of the bodies that our patrons are requesting! Total personal attention. Also teaching techniques that people can take away for their own personal healing..... And save money on Physiotherapy.😍

This will be my third year at Costa Dulce. It really is amazing how much your practice can change in a week long intensive retreat! The morning practices will be Ashtanga, Rocket #1, and Rocket #2..... Ending with a playful Inversion Workshop on the last morning.

The afternoons are full of surfing, hiking, or simply chilling in a hammock or beach chair..... Being in the warm salt water does a body good and the clean waves are amazing for getting your surf on!

Before dinner we will have our Acro/ Yin combo..... The community building connection in Acro will build confidence and test peoples boundaries, while the Yin will set you up perfectly for the next day.

The food is amazing, the fruit gets picked off the trees, and the coffee is nuclear!☕️❤️

We are almost sold out so contact Tessa at www.sathiretreats.com to grab one of the remaining spots.

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