Body Maintenance and Yin Yoga


The last few months have been an interesting ride!

I’ve been traveling from Chiropractic ( Dr, Geneive Burley ), to Physio ( Sharon Spinder ), to A.R.T. ( Dr. Jaime Ackerman ), to Osteo ( Brian Mount ), to RMT ( Cody Cummings ), and Ozone Injections ( Dr. Stella Seto ).

This journey has taught me a lot more about past injuries. I’ve learned that my spine is twisted in 5 places, I’ve had multiple whiplashes, and a couple concussions. My levator scapulae and rhomboid muscles on the left side were pretty much locked up with deep knots, and I broke a bone in my left elbow that wasn’t treated. This created an over-working in my left forearm and several knots. QL on both sides, mainly right are really knotted, and piriformis and glute med were very unhappy!! My left hip is externally rotated and right hip is internally rotated. The last treatment with Stella got deep into the traps….. That was crazy.

The reason I’m mentioning all this is for the athletes out there that have spent hundreds of days on the mountains, power yogis who arm-balance a lot, andaggressive sport athletes to keep up with your body maintenance!!

Although all these treatments have hit my pocketbook hard, I’m elated that I am finally being proactive and addressing these issues now.

All this damage creates scar tissue, and an amazing way to move that scar tissue and tight fascia around is Yin yoga. I’m so stoked to be adding Yin to my teaching schedule! It’s the perfect compliment to my aggressive Power practice and taps more into the mental / meditative side of yoga . I took my first class with Danielle Hoogenboom and couldn’t even sit still for 10 seconds. But over time 5 – 10 minutes became bearable thanks to Slava Goloubov. Slava’s Yin teacher was Jolens Bayda. So, last summer I took Jolene’s Yin teacher training at Karma Teachers. It was a crazy journey… Every day she had us sit in poses for 20 – 30 minutes. I thought I was gonna go crazy everyday, but at the end of the week my body was dramatically different and more open!!

Twice a week I teach a sweet combo at a couple studio’s! Thursday 5:45 – 7:15 Rocket / 7:30 – 9:00 Yin at One Yoga. Friday 5:30 – 7:00 Rocket 7:15 – 8:30 Yin at Stretch. I also teach the Rocket Saturday’s at 4:15 at One Yoga and stay for Slava’s Yin at 5:45.

Rocket ( Ashtanga based Power with inversions and arm balances )combined with Yin is beautiful way to heat you up and open the body!

Yin Schedule:

Monday 6:45 “Candlelight Groovy Yin” at Dharma Movement Company

Tuesday 7:30 Yang / Yin at One Yoga ( 30 min. Yang / 60 min. Yin )

Thursday 7:30 Yin at One Yoga

Friday 7:15 Yin at Stretch

This practice has really benefitted the meditative side of my yoga journey. And sharing my favorite sequences is a real treat. I keep the music groovy and chill, so you can relax with some sweet beats!

So come and join me and work on your fascia and connective tissue. Take care of yourself, strengthen your mind, and don’t forget to drink a bunch of water!! <3


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