November in Nicaragua

Well it's almost November and my first, "Practice, Breathe, and Surf Nicaragua" yoga surf retreat is just around the corner. I'm taking a small group for this one, and have two spots left!!
These yoga surf retreats always end up surprising me in ways I would never imagine. The first out of country one was with Natalie Rousseau and Shani Cranston of Milagro Retreats. We were at a beautiful resort called Mal Pais in Chacala, Mexico. It was breathtaking but started out very tricky. For our first class we went around the studio asking patrons what they were looking for, with regards to yoga. The first four ladies said they didn't want power, flow or inversions. The rest of the crew were up for anything! 
So we immediately had to rethink our whole gameplan, as it was called a "Vinyasa Flow Yoga Retreat". So the first evening class Natalie taught a beautiful practice that had everyone blissed out at the end after travelling.
In the morning we split the group up into two groups. The four ladies called themselves the, "special needs group" which made me laugh. I taught the ladies, and Natalie taught the vinyasa crew. At the end of my class, I had my ladies all wrapped up in a "savasana burrito" while the waves were coming in and the breeze was blowing. I sat there staring at my ladies and couldn't help but think of my Mother who is in a nursing home with dementia. It was somewhat overwhelming as she will never be able to see what I do, but we connect often. I was holding it together really well until I was about to say my closing words. I couldn't contain myself and broke down.. These four ladies proceeded to come around me as four Mothers would, and we were instantly bonded... Who was healing who?
From then on the retreat was magic, and the four ladies really opened up as well. We would all join in on the evening practice, and by the end of the week the ladies were doing many things that they hadn't expected! Their guards were down and were open for change.
From a beautiful hike to a private beach, where we were picked up by a boat and driven home... To a sweat lodge ceremony with a shaman, to a dharma talk by a Buddhist priest... The experience was magical!!

I have also hosted 7 yoga surf retreats in Tofino. These events are always the highlight of my summer and have been growing to this years maximum of 25 patrons. Tofino has a special place in my heart! It fills my soul with its connection to the ocean and the absolute beauty of Canada's west coast. Again I work with Shani as her food from Milagro Living is mind blowing! Raw, vegan, vegetarian meals combined with a firey morning practice, afternoon of surfing, evening yin practice, and ending with some bonding campfire time. "Practice, Breathe, & Surf Tofino #8" will be next Labour Day Long weekend. 
At the end of one of my Tofino retreats, we were hanging out at Tacifino before everyone drove home, and I was pulled aside by one of the patrons. She had an extremely stressful job and she looked at me and said, "I just wanted to thank you and say that this was the first time in my life, that I truly cared what I put into my body and how I moved it!!" Profound.
This is why we do these events. The deep connection to mind body, and the joy of sharing incredible experiences with like minded people.

I'm approaching this Nicaragua retreat with an open mind, and up for anything thats comes up.
I plan on a sweet morning practice, some amazing hikes, a ton of surfing, evening yin, and a lot of hammock time!!
I have had a few friends stay at Costa Dulce resort, and they were raving about it!! They surf break is right out front, the intermediate break is just down the beach, and the rustic chic accommodations look perfect! The yoga shala is open to the ocean, and the jungle is teaming with life.
We will be flying into Managua and travelling to San Juan Del Sur, where Costa Dulce is located. Survivor was shot very close to the resort, so we are in it!!

If you or a few friends want grab the last two rooms, we would LOVE to have you join us!!

For sign up information write to

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