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This will be my 7th year hosting yoga retreats. I have hosted mostly yoga & surf retreats; 7 really successful ones and a couple that didn’t make it. The market in Vancouver is saturated with retreats; patrons have such a variety to choose from. And usually they wait ‘till the retreat is near to book. This drives the hosts like me crazy as we have to front all the deposits, and roll the dice. These days, resorts have multiple escalating deposit dates to stress us out even more. But they have to cover their ends.

To my potential patrons: please note that the early booking deals, benefit all parties!!! The resort gets its deposit, the patron is committed and stoked for a vacation, and the host can relax and focus less on sales and primarily on the vacation planning!!

These retreats have affected me like no other job!!!  When you’re sitting around the dinner table having another amazing healthy meal, and you have already had a killer practice / surf…. Your soul starts to fill up!! Just like the feeling you get, after an amazing “powder” day on the mountains. Blissed-out and so grateful for Mother Nature and Mother Ocean!

I am always especially gratified when the beginners to surfing get out of the water after their first ride on a surfboard. The look on their faces is priceless. I feel amazing knowing I have opened a door to an exciting future of a love affair with the waves.

In the studio, the Anesthesiologist is practicing beside the Burlesque Dancer, beside the Emergency nurse, beside the Social Worker and the Fireman. All different walks of life are getting together in a beautiful setting and sharing a special week. So good!! 

I’m in the process or reserving the last week of November for Nicaragua 2016!!

“Practice, Breathe, & Surf Nicaragua”……. I’ll be taking a small group 10 – 20 patrons. The days will consist of 2 yoga classes daily…. Power / Flow in the morning with a couple Workshops, and Yin in the evening. Surfing with Instructor Heidi daily, 3 amazing meals, and some definite hammock time!!!

I plan on making this an annual event, and can’t wait to be surfing in Nica…. Finally. J

If you are interested in grabbing one of the spots, please let me know…… Pricing will be coming soon. This is the resort I will be working with.


Testimonials from my previous Retreats:

Dear Chris - thank you so much for a lovely weekend getaway full of good food, good company, and good waves. I look forward to the next one with anticipation!

Paula Meyler


Practice and Breathe with Balance and Grace…. Less Struggle more Surrender…..Less Ego more Compassion


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