Rad Yoga & Surf Mexico

May 23rd - 30th, 2019

Playa Saladita


RAD Mexico:

This will be the first RAD Yoga Surf Retreat in Mexico and we are SO stoked to add a May retreat this 2019. We are always commited to finding the best spaces, the best surfing, the best food, and the best experience a yoga retreat can offer. Join us this May to check out our amazing new space! Enjoy options for daily excursions ( temascal sweat, jungle hot spring spa day, cooking class, surf instruction, and a bazaar day in the markets of Zihuatenejo ) to accompany our week filled with the Rocket/ Ashtanga, Acro, Yin and Surfing...... Or you can just relax and read a book in the sun.


Morning Practice: Risto began teaching in 2007. He has evolved from Power to Flow to Rocket / Ashtanga and Yin. The morning practice is Rocket / Ashtanga .... Very alignment based, strong, healing “all levels” practice.
Acro Yoga: Erin and Jim make the Acro classes enjoyable, hilarious, and so very safe. The Acro usually surprises people. Many patrons leave blown away at how much they loved the Acro, and can’t wait to find a class so they can come back with new skills.
Yin Yoga: Risto has had a lot of broken bones, from his previous sporting life and learned a ton of healing techniques. His Yin classes are very healing and the perfect compliment to the strong morning practice.
Therapeutic Yoga: Erin is a Therapeutic Yoga Master and is always available for privates or just healing advice.

What’s Extra:

  • Board Rentals ($20 per day)

  • Additional Surf Lessons ($50)

  • Hot springs Tour with medicinal mud mask ($40)

  • Ceremonial Temazcal Sweat ($50)

  • Personal Room Charges (Bar, Drinks, etc.)

  • Gratuities for Resort Staff

  • Airfare

What’s Included:

  • Accomodations for 7 nights, 8 days

  • Daily yoga in the morning and afternoon everyday

  • 4 healthy meals, snacks, coffee and tea, prepared for you with love everyday

  • 1 free Surf Lesson - instruction and board rental

  • Transportation from the Zihuatenejo/Ixtapa Airport to the retreat and back again

  • Prices ranging starting from $1475 US

About La Saladita

If your looking for noise, beach vendors, and blocks upon blocks of shopping, businesses, and designer fashion, then La Saladita is not for you. On an average point of the day here you might look around the bay and see a handful of people at any given moment. The beach is lined with small vacation properties, villas, and hotels. There are a number of places along the bay where you can get a bite to eat, a smoothie, or a drink. The people are friendly, as are the waves and the water.

La Saladita is world famous for it’s surfing. It is often dubbed the “Mexican Wave Machine” because of its consistency and grace, though locals call it ubilam. The wave forms at a natural point break (as opposed to a reef break), curls left and sputters out at the north end of the beach. You can stand on the beach and watch the Wave Machine turn out one silky swell after another, all in the same direction and breaking at the same speed. Getting in the driver’s seat of the Machine is somewhat difficult at first. A tiresome riptide can sometime make paddling seem counterproductive. But on a good day, one wave can be ridden for up to 1,500 feet!

Longboard magazine describes this break as a ‘reverse Malibu’ and timed the average ride at a minute and a half, a very long ride on the surfer’s clock. Lucky for the beginner, the bottom is covered with round rocks at the south end where you begin your ride, and soft sand at the north end where you finish it. The waves breaking closer into shore are excellent for learning and as you reach closer to the point, you’ll find increasingly bigger waves to ride all year round. This makes La Saladita the perfect surf destination for all levels!

In the center of the bay which makes up La Saladita, you’ll find an incredibly calm sandy space for swimming. The waves are mere ripples in the water, and water is warm, clean, and relatively shallow for a nice distance. This allows for a safe place out of the way of the surfers where you can swim and suntan all day long.


What Your Days Will Look Like...

6:00 AM: Fruit & Coffee

7:00 AM: Power Yoga

9:00 AM: Breakfast

Free time or surf lesson...

1:30 PM: Lunch

Afternoon excursions, beach time, surf lesson, relaxing massage...

4:00 PM: Acro Yoga

5:00 PM: Therapeutic Yin Yoga

6:30 PM: Dinner


Casa Cuchara is a brand-new Villa which finished construction December of 2018. It’s located on the private beachfront oasis of beautiful La Saladita beach. It’s modern design and simple yet elegant décor creates an atmosphere of relaxation and casual elegance. The upper level of the villa is where we will find our yoga shala space. Equipped with yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, and straps, we have all the gear you’ll need to explore and enjoy your ocean view practice. On the lower level terraza you’ll find our private infinity pool situated right at the edge of the deck overlooking our private strip of beach. We highly recommend watching the sunrise or set from the pool or the massive deck surrounding it!

One of the many unique features of Casa Cuchara is the versatility in its room layout. There are many options as to how we set rooms up, so we have listed some options for each suite of the villa. Bookings will happen on a first come, first serve basis. Our goal is to have a smaller group for this retreat to allow us more one on one time with each participant so this retreat will be limited to only 14 participants. Please be sure to register early to avoid dissapointment, and to take advantage of our early bird special!

Cuchara Suite 1:

This is the super suite of the Villa, large, spacious, poolside, with a great ocean front view. This suite offers two airconditioned private king size bedrooms, each with their own private bathroom and hallway. If you follow the hallways to the other side of the suite you’ll find a large shared common room containing a single bed (which can be converted into a couch or bed depending on how many people are booking the room), as well as a fully stocked kitchen, full size fridge, and kitchen table. Up to 3 more single beds can be added to this spacious common room if you have a group looking to all share the suite together to save money. Since there this suite is large and flexible, there are a few different ways you might book in:


Sharing the Space:

Book one of the private bedrooms with the common area for extra friends. The private room can sleep one or two on a king size bed. The common room can fit 1-4 single beds. It’s a spacious room with a beautiful view. The bathroom will be shared between your group and is accessed through the master bedroom. You can decide amongst your group who gets which beds and how you’d like to set up!

Price for Double: $1750 each

(This could be one person in the private bedroom, one in the common space, or both in the kingsize bed with the airconditioning!)

Price for triple or more: $1550 each

(This could be two in the kingsize private room and one in the common room, or vice versa! Maximum 5 people.

Booking Private Rooms:

This option is to book one private bedroom with your own private bathroom which you will share with no one else. Your room has a king sizebed and airconditioning. Fridge and kitchen space available for your use in the common area.

Price for single: $2600 US

(Flying solo and enjoying your own private space)

Price for Double: $1750 US each

(Two people sharing the king size bed)

Cuchara Suite 2:

This suite is also a large and beautiful suite featuring two airconditioned private king size bedrooms which share a spacious and elegant bathroom. There is a large common area that the two bedrooms also share which has a single bed (which can be converted into a couch), as well as a stocked kitchen, a full-size fridge, and kitchen table. An extra single bed can be added to the common room if you’d like to bunk up and save money.

These rooms can be reserved individually, or the whole suite can be reserved for a larger group of friends.

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Sharing the Space:

This is to rent the entire suite and you decide amongst your group who gets which bedrooms and beds. The bathroom is shared for all guests in the suite, but don’t worry, there are plenty of other public bathroom spaces on both upper and lower levels too.

2 people: $2600 each

(You would each have your own private room and would share this beautiful and massive space)

3 people: $1900 each

(One or two people in each of the private rooms, or one person on the single bed in the common room)

4 people: $1750 each

(One or two people in each of the private rooms, and one or more on the single beds in the common room)

5 people: $1550 each

(One or two people in each of the private rooms, and one or more on the single beds in the common room)

Booking Private Rooms:

This option is to have your own private room with one king-size bed and air-conditioning. The bathroom is shared with one other suite.

Price for single: $2600 US

(Flying solo and enjoying your own private space)

Price for Double: $1750 US each

(Two people sharing the king size bed)

Cuchara Suite 3:

Suite 4 is an ocean view suite on the second floor and will be converted into our dorm room. It’s open and spacious with a full-size fridge and an equipped kitchen space and a shared bathroom. The suite is also directly across the hall from the common area bathroom providing more sinks, and another 3 bathrooms.  The suite contains one private airconditioned bedroom with a queen size bed which can be booked separately for a private room option. The dorm space will contain an additional 4 beds, with plenty of space to still enjoy, breathe, and relax in your space.  

 To Rent the Private Room with shared bathroom:

For a single person: $2600

For a double: $1750 each

Dorm Room Price – single bed in the common area:

$1550 each Person



About Risto

Risto is a physical power yoga teacher with a positive vibe. His yoga practice has helped him recover from a lot of damage and broken bones. A former multi-sport athlete / coach, dancer, and actor. Risto keeps it funky, flowing and strong! He credits his training to Eoin Finn, Dustin Fruson, Geoff Mackenzie, Ryan Leier, Natalie Rousseau, Christine Price-Clarke, Jolene Bayda, Slava Goloubov and Danny Paradise. Risto teaches power, rocket, ashtanga, and yin. He focuses on alignment, bandhas, breath and growing together. A full time teacher since 2007 in Vancouver, B.C, Risto is known for his positive vibe, building strength, and funky classes. 

His mantra: Practice and breathe with balance and grace... less struggle more surrender..less ego, more compassion.”

About Erin and Jim

Erin has been studying yoga for 15 years, and founded Centered Within Yoga in 2008. She is an E-RYT500 specializing in Therapeutic Care. She found her passion in teaching others about the healing powers which exist inherently within us all. She enjoys Acro-Yoga and the chance to have some fun connecting, laughing, and enjoying time spent with her community. Jim began his movement practice in the world of traditional martial arts. After training and teaching for 20 years he found his love for yoga after attending his first Acro class. Before long he found himself addicted to yoga and having all kinds of fun. He completed his RYT200, Acro, & Rocket Yoga teacher trainings. Jim’s great sense of humor, enthusiasm, and attention to detail make his class an experience like no other.

The Fine Print

All prices are in USD. Flight is not included.

Deposit of 50% is due upon registration to reserve your spot. Remaining balance is due by March 14th, 2019. You will receive an email with a link to pay the balance. 

Deposits are non-refundable.

Early Bird Pricing applies to only the first 6 registrants.

If booking double, triple or quadruple occupancy, please email us with the names of your other parties after booking to ensure you are booked in the same room. 

If you are attending alone, but are open to sharing a room with others to save costs, please pay deposit only and choose this option. We cannot guarantee this can be arranged, but we can try. If we are unable to place you in a shared room, you will be responsible to pay Single Rate ($2600).


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